Some couples fear that going to a therapist means the relationship is “over.” Quite the contrary! Seeking help for a relationship problem often means that the relationship is still alive. Healthy relationships require time and attention. One study showed that couples on average wait six years to seek help for their relationship–and oftentimes that it is too late. Couples counseling focuses on helping you and your partner improve your ability to communicate, deal with crises (infidelity, sickness) as well as perpetual problems (always fighting about the same thing). If problems or differences in parenting styles seem to be what you fight about, counseling can also help with that.


Relationship counseling for all couples

Karen A. McCauley works with all couples, including LGBT couples, interested in improving their relationship.  Couples counseling includes marriage counseling, premarital counseling, and helping couples deal with major life crises such as infidelity, divorce, or illness.