There are a growing number of studies demonstrating that psychotherapy offers the best treatment for a variety of mental illnesses, especially depression and anxiety. In particular, improvements from participating in psychotherapy are shown to last long after treatment ends. There are times when medication may be indicated and helpful in enabling you to continue with your psychotherapy treatment. If so, you will be referred for a medication evaluation. Therapy can help you find new perspectives to manage chronic depression or anxiety.. Besides working toward reducing the symptoms you may be suffering from, therapy can help you improve your sense of self-esteem and self-confidence, work through old problems or traumas, and develop insight, acceptance and understanding about yourself.


Session Fees

Initial Diagnostic Consultation
$160 per 45-minute session

Ongoing Sessions
$140 per 45-minute session

"Feeling real is more than existing; it is finding a way to exist as oneself...and to have a self into which to retreat for relaxation."

— D.W. Winnicott